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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Saturday  FOX  August 17, 2019 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> today on fox5 morning, manhunt under way in prince geege's county as p go door to doorng looki for clues after they say a man tried to sexual assault a woman. where it h apenednd how the victim got away. plus, alive and abaoned. a newborn baby found in a wooded area of silver spring. we've got the latest on the investigation as police look for the infant's parents. and. loudon south moving on in the little league world series. fox5t 7:00 starts right now. >> ♪ >> good morning.we ome into fox5 morning on your saturda i'm cori coffin. let's take aive look outside ur here on this august you know, it is a cloudy start
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to the day but that doesn't necessarily mean it's going to be a gloomytart to the day. let's bring in gary. welcome back,y. >> hey, thanks a lot. yeah, ihink we getome eunshne today and i think begin -- i know you don't want to hear this but we srt the speak towardso another heat wave. >> okay. >> yeah, and this looks like a real one too. it's not so much today but it really k in beginning tomorrow and it will last for several days, probably three maybe four days in total before we get some relief. but a yeah,ther one of these ikthings coming. seeme we've had several of them thisummer. it's been pretty hot outer e. 77 now. gaithersburg is 71, dulles 74 and culpeper 70 degrees. so,an you c really get into the suburbs thisorning and find temperatures in the 60's and for the next several mornings, it is going to be almost hot out there. wouldn't surprise me if we don't have some morning lows art couple of mornings. listen, there's automobims can of thunderstorp to the north of us.
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no big deal. we do have a few clos. i think that's the deal today. nd of a mixture of clouds on sun but temperatures with justli ttle bit of sunshine today will be able to mane up into the low 90's. more like mid 90's tomorrow. each day will feare a few thunderstorms in the afternoon humidity, too and that is on the rise. welk more about this heat wave cing in and some low visibilities in spotser out e this morning. we'll talk about that as wl. cori. >> alall rightol we're fwing some breaking news overnight in the district. two people were rescued following anent at rock creek parkway. take a look at your screen. these are pictures s in. crews arrived on scene around 2:00 this morning to find a car on th c side in thereek with two victims. one was on top of the car. that pern was removed withms harness. both v were taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening loping this morning out of montgomery county police are looking for the rmother and f of arn newbo
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girl found abandoned in the woods in lver spring yesterday. fox5's tisha lewis joining us with the latest on thi investigation. what do we know so far, tisha. >> reporter: the search does continue for the infant's parents. what we can tell you is that this little baby, a baby girl who is only a few hours old wwe're told found onhe 10,000 block of 10 brook dri some point near the sidewalk and the tennis court. literally we're told that the passerby heard a baby crying and then literally about 10 feet from where you're thisng at discovere naked baby. now, we want toom show youe pictures. here they are of the girl.le again, she was found on the 10 then block ofem brook drive. we're within walking distance c of holyss hospital. we're told the baby was transported to the hospital, said to be in. this unfolding friday night of and now this morning and into the eastbound police will
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likely spend plenty of time conducti interviews. we know they have interviewed at least aouple of residents trying to figure o ectly if anyone saw anything, if anyone knows anything if anyone heard anything as they try to locate this baby's parents. this is a good opportunity to remind folks of the safe haven law especially here in montgomery county and i maryland. the safe haven law allows a parent or a guardian to drop a newborn baby that's less than location without facing any nsequences as long as the baby is in good health and unharmed. typically though those designated locations are hospitals or fire stations, t thisooded area which is likely why polic are involved and want to speak with these parents.back to you. >> hopefully they'll reach out to them. developing this mor lng, policeking for the man who attacked a woman in a busy park in prince grge's county. police tell us that the woman was attacked wednesday night.
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the victas told police she w walking down walte l when the suspect grabbed her, dragged her into a wooded area and tried to sexual assault her. she did fight back thoug even though that man hit her several time causing her injuries. she managed to getaway. she flagged down an officer. police say that her attacker got away,oo, though. they have been ca advancing cane areaau >> i have two dters in their early 20's and granddaughter so yes that concerns me. >> i sit out herell times of night. we be out here all times of day and this is shocking to this is very shocking to me to hear that someone got assaulted, sexually assaulted in the neighborhood. >> before we can get a lookout fo you a description that of suspect. but police are offering a $25,000 reward for any information to help t catchhis person. >> ♪ noto a fox5 exclusive for you. d.c. policeng l for this suspect, aan they say terrorizid a nun ins her
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northwest home this week. investigators say the man columbiao her heights home on tuesday mishandled her and ransacked the place. at one point he pointed a gun at her head and asked if she wanted to die. the suspect eventually took off after tas victim able to break free and call 911. there's still no word this morning on what caused ali computtch affecting customs operations at international airports including dullesnd bwi. things are back to normal now. but yesterday wkers couldn't process passengers arriving into the u.s. e outage lasted a couple-ups. hours. era spokespson for customs and border proction says it's but right now nothingppened. malicious is suspected> two people recovering this morning after a vehicle hit them in downtown bethesda. this happened yesterd on wisconsin avenue betweenam chel avenue and east-west highway. skyfox here flying over the scene shortly after the crash. we are t that one of the
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pedestrians was critically hurt. no word this morning onir condition. the driver stayed at the scene. police are nowno investigating. word on if any charges will be filed. in staffordounty a-security breach on the first week back s tochool sending shock waves through the entire community. it comes after 26-year-old man police are cling a mental health subject boarded a school bus taking kids to a local high school and he was able to then get inside that high school. this incident happened onsd thay. here's fox5's anne cutler with more details. >> reporter: that man was barefoot and had no backpack thursday when he hopped on the school bus here on lansberry park drive in fredericksburg. the dunsn family among those in disbelief. >>it's pretty terrifying. >> i'd be scared and i'd -- i'd probably freak out. >> reporter: that man ridingthel students for 6 miles to the stafford high school cafeteria
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where he was finally caught after officials sayto hele food. >> the bus driver knows them all so it's reallyme strange to hat this believe got on a bus and rode it all the way to school. kind of a crazy. >> repor letter to parents friday saying "he did not have a weapon and made no rthreatening comments o actions but stafford county public school district calling for a thorough review saying it is t obvioust something has to change in our procedures and be implemented immediately. >> well, tutt was anneler reporting. police are not reasing the man's name or the photo since he's not facing any charges at this point. however, he was taken in for new details this morning about embattled former metro board chairman jack evans. that evans threatened theobss of a lawyer and a board secretary and tri to keep them qui about the panel's ethics committee determining evans committed a violation.
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doments obtained by the "washingtonet post" shoro became -- jack evans became worried thatnd patricia lee jennifer green ellison would sueecause evans constantly chewed them out about theirvo inlvement in the ethics atinveion. evans is under investigation for using his positioning at metro and the d.c. council for other business opportunities. evans remains on the.c. council at this point he has been stripped of the title as chairman of the finance committee and also been> fined $20,000. jeffrey epstein's death has officially been ruled a suicide. the autopsy report from the medical examiner cing in ys that the billionaire financier hanged himself in jail cell. he found in a jail f cell at ederal prison in manhattan on august 10th. fox news' bryan llenas reports. >> reporter: jeffreyn epstein's death has ruled a suicide by hanging. that finding comingy direc from the chief medical examer's office in new
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city seemingut pting to rest any theories the financier had been murdered. about the damage to t neck, the hyoid bone, it's all consishnt wit suicide. it's less consistent with homicide. >>eporter: the 66-year-old was found unresponsive inja his cell saturday morning a the metropolitan correctional center. reportedly he tied a bed sheet around a be his the guards wsupposed to be doing checks every 30inutes but they reportedly fell asleep leaving epsteiner unattended foral hours. the pair is accused of falsifying log entries to show they were conducting those half hour inspections. both have been placed on administrative leave and could face federal charges for altering the record books. a former prison guard notes epsteistill would have had enty of time to kill himself
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even if the guards had conducted those checks. >> suicides can happen in matter of minutes. the assumption w is held still be alive and i'm saying proper 30 minute checks could not have prevented that death. >> reporter: jeffrey epstein's death ives under stigation on multiple fronts including one from the justice department which has sent two officials to the tprison to speak withhe mcc staff. in new york, bryan llenas, fox news. >> people fro all over texas attended theon funeral of of the victims of the massacren el paso,ex t, the 63-year-old woman killed by the gunman who opened fire at a wal-mart earlier this month. her companion of 22 years said he pla alone as her funeral. they didn't hav any family so he i anyone interested nvto attend. she was remembered as a selfless woman whold do anything for someone who needed hp. >> reporter: leaders are considering honoring the victims of the mass shooting with a permanentemorial.
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other cities that experienced mass shootings have established permanent memorial sites. pl22 peo were killed in thatt shooting wal-mart on august 3cluding eight mexicanls nat. motorcycles roaring into leesburg yesterday. skyfox was over thel a america's 9/11 ride. the motorcyclists passed stopping in shank pap pennsylvania. the riders will leave arlington today for their trip to new york city ton h the victims of those killed at the world trade center. d.c. is currently at the center of a pokèmon universe. details on the big event being ld in town still ahead. and it is one of the mostfo destructivrest pests to ever invade north america. and it's turned up in virginia. coming up we'll let you knowwhat these nasty insects and what you can do and what it can do to your tre
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plus gary's going havanother look a today's weather when we return. >> ♪ >> ♪
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k at 7come b it is a glorious morning. not only d we havek gary in but we have sara frazier. >> she got married. >> she got married. you didn't getemhe m >> i did. we've all gotten the >> this is true. we're starting to get the memo about a potential heatngave in. >> it's coming too. look, so -- what are we looking at.way? >> that's fog. >> we showed the washington monument and the picture there. it was super hazy. >> it >> noems here in d.c.
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but out in suburbs, we do have somessues. this is gaithersburg,ight, so just outside the beltway. look here's where we are nowf in terms o visibility. i want to show you. i you can seet there and then look at the map. you know, it's a quarter of a mile visibility for gaithersburg, a half a mile around dulles. the could cause som delays with somelights. i suspect it's going to burn off just pretty quickly over the next hour or two but ifu' yo going fly this morning, there could be some delay and it could takeil a little wh to bring that back to normal after a couple of hours ofes visibilitiown below a mile. it's not aea bigl but again, it could cause some delays. manassas is down to zero visibility. and look at this. you got these spots of some pretty intense fog and then not too far awa there's no fog at all. so, just so you know, it' very, very scattered out there this morning. the weatherervice probablywo t issue a dense fog advisory or anything like that
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just because we don't have widespread visibility down at 1 mile or below. but just keep that in mind. 77 now. so, aost war this morning. new york city isbo 74. on great this morning, 67. binghamton ns york i and then down into the carolinas atemperatures in the mid upper 70's. hot this weekend. it's not only athe surface it's aloft to. that means we're going to get hot and stay hot. w temperatill be in the 90's. right now i think today's high temperature will be 92. it will feel like about 94 withhe heat index, maybe 95 in spots. warmer and we' just going tot trend hotter and h next several days. a couple of thunderstorms t the north of us. we're all car here. most of the thunderstorm activity has stayed offshore. lar on this afternoon watch we hit this easterly flow, southeasterly flow. there could be a couple of showers ate thunderstorms this rnoon and then getting into the evening hours things will calm down.
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tomorrow it will bnd hot a muggy again. we'll do it all over again, too, thunderstorms popping up. ,ateroday again 92. feels like about 94 to 95. sun, clouds, fog this morning obviously and here's your trend for the next sev days. so this is what you call a heat wave. 92 today. kicks inomorrow, okay. 94. then 97n ouesday. 94 on wednesday. so, reallyetween tomorrow and wednesday,he that'sn it will be at its grip, you know, t its tightest grip he upper, mid upper 90'sel will felose to a hundred >> yikes. >> hopefully this will be the last one of the season but i already see something else kind of trying to creep th way not next week the week after. >> ooh, okay. we know lots can change, right? 7:18. alarming data about a growingon dee in the chesapeake
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bay spanning 2 cubic miles making ione of the worst inei decades caused by algae. much of b theay as well as parts of the lower and patuxe nt river. the emerald arbor is an invasive beatle thated originatn china.a it's ohalf inch long. first appeared inga michiin the late t 1990's. sihen it's spread to 35 states including virginia. the beetle has damaged o destroyed countless ash trs in our region and across the commonwealth. find out about a surprising new study about america's hygiene habits. and loudon south moving on in the little leae world series. a biggr conatulations to them. we'll have more on all of the
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exciting actio let's take a liv look as we head to break on your satu mayorning. hey, listen, visibility is rtough aroundegion. right here it's looking good. we'd love to hear from you. us #fox5morning and share with us on social media. what are you dng with your weekend? we'll be back after this. >> ♪ >> ♪ it's time for the biggest sasl of the year on the bh sides your sleep number setting. can it help us fall asleep faster? yes, by gently warming your feet. but can it help keep us asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements automaticals to keep you .th effortlessly comfort so you can really promise better sleep.
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>> ♪ 7:23. sarah fraser is back and we'll get to what's hot on the web in just a moment but first we need to talk about your nuials in maine this saturday. >> can anyon believe it. >> no. kjustding. we're so happy for you. my god you were absolutely stunning. >> tha>> you. e have pictures. >> here's thes. p it's true after years and years of being a single lady, i did, i tied the knot this weekend.zi it was amang. it wasp in maine. i'm from maine. originally i've lived in washington for years and this is the little catholic church. we got married at saint patrick's in new castle maine. my great grandfather three times remov donated the land. we're not usually that traditional but it was really -- had significance for us. >> must have been -- you know what it's so funny is because wh we go throughout our lihes especiallyn we're younger we want to buck
7:24 am
tradition but with really big moments wee like no, we haveba to go to what we know. >> everything that your ancestors have been through ia was great moment. it was amazing. r fox5 family here has been so supportive. >> we've been following it along, loving every moment. do you feel different. >> not ait. gary, maybe it will feel different when we have a together.or have a everyone is like it's going to change so much. i don't feel a darn thing. >> i betel you'll defy feel different after a kid. everybody does. u become a zombie.nk >> one at a time. ise got to eanto this life. >> should we o do trending. >> we'll get to trending yes. lots of trending stuff. kristyn wig mightet some bridesmaids of her very own becausehe's engaged. kristyn wig and herve fiancé haeen together for three years and got engaged earlier year. this will not be wig's first
7:25 am
walk down the aisle. she was married from 2005 to 2009. >> i didn't know she had a previous marriage. >> i didn't know tt either. i'm always surprised when hollywood celebrities can keep eighkeepit ahe secret. y have been engaged for awhile. >> how on earth did she keep that a secret. i guess not wearinghe ring and not talking about it. >> and you haveeally good friends. mine would tel everyone. >> yeah. congrats to. >> next, here's a personal questir. how long do you your underwear for? >> what. >> nearly half of those surveyd that they have worn it for two days or longer. 13 percent of respond dents of this study admit to wearing their tightyhiteys for a week or longer. who -- like as an adult? >> what. >> who does this unless you're on a camping expedition. >> yes, absolutely..r i guess people are like well even thanot dirty but it's not
7:26 am
it's like what you can't see, right. like there's probably kinds of nonsense in there that you don't know about. >> yeah, thankou y there's a lot of snickering in newsr i feel like we have some people wearing i two days in a row. >> they secretly they do it buthey're preteing to be appalled. gary, do you wear your. >> one d. >> yeah, right. prince hakeem is back in america and ready forhe t reboot. this one is more of a sequel. eddie murphy was spotted in georgia to begin filming comingcao a two and in case you're wondering all your favorites will be back including arsenio hl who hopped off the plane withrp hy. other cast members -- they really got most of the originals will include james earl jones, sharrie headley vanessa bell calawayl and pau bait to name a few. this one.u looking forward to i kn this is the year of the reboots and sequet .
7:27 am
how do you feel this one. >> the original was so great i an, it will be interesting to see. >> do you tnk they have a high bar. >> yeah, it's ve high. >> and those films in the 80's and e 90's were so good. they were just so original. it's like "ghost buste it's so hard i think to bring back the magic of what they >> that's a really good point. everything's different now, you know, it's a different world. >> it really is yeah. >> w sll have toee how that does. don't go anywhere. we have more news garyg up with weather and we're talk more wit sarah. >> yay!, we're bk. >> yay! >> ♪ >>
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♪ >> this is a great saturday. we've got our team back in. 7:30 ts morning. ocean city this morning.>>at >> ♪ i'm listening. i was just listening. >> gary is a huge party beat fan. >> i don't mind cardi. >> that was not sarcasm. >> i couldn't tell you aong that cardi b sings really but i do like it. >> they'reer fun. >> hs where we are. woe just showed the pictures of the bea b. let's show thech forecast for you. if this is your beach wee or you're just sneaking away, the next f days -- >> greatiming. >> yeah its great, it's great because temperatures are goingte 'cause obviously you're heoled a little bit b ocean. ocean is 70 degrees. late august is a beautiful time actually september, too for ocean city.
7:31 am
middle 70's -- mide 80's out there. sun and clouds. it could be a spotty shower or ahehunderstorm late in t day. but i think probably most of that will be a little bit inland, okay. 10-degree visibility -- 10-mile visibility here in town but just out in the surbs you don't have to get too far out. it really drops off. pea soup gaithersburg, 0-mile visibility for manassas. just about everybody else has started t come up a lit bit. frederick is five. that's not a problem. winchester seven. that's not a problem either. temperatures outside the beltway in the 70's. we're upper 70's here in town. later on this afternoon winre g to warm up. dyit's a 81 degrees for annapolis. another heat wave is on the way. i think it really starts tomorrow. you can say technically it starts today but i think that -- i really think that it starts tomorrow. sunday, monday, tuesday o into wednesday so this one ll last about four days or so. i'll show you more specifics
7:32 am
on that coming up. >> we're following some oeaking newsvernight in the district. at 7:31 this morning, two people were rescued following an accident at rock creek parkwacrews arrived on the scene around 2:00 this morning to find a car on the side in the creek with two victims. was on he victims of the car.'r we told by rescue authories that they had to be removedne via har. the victims were transported to their hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries though thankfully. developing this morning out of montgomery county police looking for the parents of a newborn girl foundn abandonedthe woods in silver spring yesterday. fox5's tisha lewis joining us live with the very latest on this investigation and thi big mystery, tisha. >> reporter: well, it is a mystery. we know this newborn baby was saturday and into the weekend police will spend the next couple days at least trying to find the o parentsf this baby that was found literally 10 feet from where we're standing. so, we are on the sidewalk. there's a wooded area and thene if you look throug wooded area you can see some tennis
7:33 am
courts. all of this unfoldingn the 10,000 block of tenbrook drive here in silver spring. a man walking by we're told over and then discovered ts naked baby girl. immediately police were caheed. we're told young baby was taken to the hospita nearby. and when i say nearby, iean a bl away within walking distance is holy cross hospital. let's te a look at some pictures now. these are pictures of the little one discovered here in the silver spring neighborho it's residential so there's a lot of opportunity for people by.ass that also means for opportunity form to of conduct interviews and speak with people who may s haven something, who may have heard something. any ipoormation at this t is helpful for police to try to determine exactly what termine who the parents may be for this baby girl. now, according tohe police, t newborn is possibly latino. also we're told that the
7:34 am
newborn is in good health was only a few hours old. let's sh you a little bit about the safeaven law here it's important to note that no one ever has to abandon newborn baby under the safe haven law, a distressed parent who is unable or unwilling to care for their infant can safely give up custody of their babyns no que asked. the baby can be left atnf hospitals or lorcement stations, designate areas as long as the baby is 10 day or younger. and it's important to note that there will bees no conseq as long as the baby is in good health and unharmed. left in a designated area.ot that's likely why police want to speak with the parents ofthi. backto you. >> a 7:34 this morning, alsove loping in prince george's county, a homicide investigation under way after two men are fnd shoto death. police went to a home on
7:35 am
rdente drive in clinton. they found t bodies. investigators say they don't believe that the killings are crandom. laim there's no threat to the community at this point. a securityhreat near the embassy of israel was addressed quickly yesterday. aye secret services a man wearing what appeared to be a bulletproof vest and a knife was ed. an explosives tean checked out the m car. that. prompted road closures. the man was charged withea carrying a dangerouspon. the secret service stillin vestigating the incident. over in new york ci o a little northf us police looking for a man who prompted a major scare therd yeste. investigators say this man left two rice cookers near a subway stion in lower manhattan. a third device was also found in the sidewalk in the city'se a neighborhood where a pressure cker bomb went off back in 201 at least 30 people were hurt int tha incident. >> ♪ an update to a story we first brought you a couple
7:36 am
da ago at 7:35 this morning. greenland is not for sale. that's the word om the prime minister there of the danish territory. her comments come aft the "wl street journal" reported the president has been interested in buying greenland. ray bogan has more. >> reporter:tresident trump may have his eye on the massive piece of real estate is that possibly en to making a deal. theorld's largest island says it's not for sale. greenland making the stateme after reports that president trump ha been talking to des and allies about the possibility of buying the danish terrigrry. eenland's foreign minister saying in a statement shared on social media, greenlande is rich in val resources such as minerals, the purest water and ice fish stocks seafood renewable energy. we're open for business, not for sale. i
7:37 am
>> he can buy anyt guess this is what he thinks he can. >> reporter: moren t 2,000 milef greenland expressing disbelief. >> it feels as if he's very patronizing. it doe't feel like he understands like the reality. >>r: rep the u.s. already has a foot hold there with the air force's northernmost basee plus grnland is widely believed to be usually rich in natural resources including uranium oil as well as diamonds gold and sink. in 1946, thenal archives showed the u.s. n offered 100 million in gold to buy greenland worth approximately 1.3 billion today. taking into account inflation. >> these are the absurdities of whoic is in off right now. >> reporter: president trump is due to visit copenhagen expeconth where he's to meet with the prime ministers of denmark and greenland n washington, ray bogan fox news. >> new developments in the back and forthnvitation between israel's prime
7:38 am
minister benjamin netanyahu and two freshmen members of netanyahu reversed course yesterday an said that one of the congresswomen mhigan representative rashida tlaib would be able to come to israel under humanitarian grounds so she could visit her grandmother who lives in the e turned down the offer though s ting in aweet that she won't visit h grandmother under "these nsoppressive questio israel initially denied representative to tla. >> reporter: laib andar. she decided she did not want to do that. after years of repairs the washington monument almost ready for visitors. pokèmon party in the distrt. we'll take you inside the
7:39 am
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at vand look great. guaranteu'll see great .. "guarantee". we we say that too. you gotta use "these" because we don't mean it. buy any pa g at regular price,et one free. really.rk visis. see the difference. >> 7:41 now. investigating after dozens of dogs, three cats andtu two les were found living in
7:42 am
poor conditions in montgome county. investigators say this happened off of bealsvie road in dickerson. one of the dogs was reported missing two years ago by another owner. we're told that the dog and its owner have now been reunited. >> i understand they' very happy so they were very happy being reunited and you know, the connection between tre will obviously be reestablisheand i know witth eir excitement and enthusiasm i think that dog's happy to be home. >> all right. you see the pet listings there. the animal shelter is housing those pets. so far no charges have t been filed agaihe owner but that could change. there is a n push in maryland to crack down on drunk driving. the state is testing out n technologyew to keep drunk ivers off the roads. it's called the driver aemohol detection systor safety. thlogy anae lyzes the breath of drivers. if theensor detects alcohol, the car won't move. ll, the maryland motor vehicle administratio will test the technology on some of its own vehicles for about a
7:43 am
year first. peoplet have so a little longer to visit of the washington monument and get up to the top for those cool views. national park service announced it will now be reopening onte sepmber 19th. it was originally scheduled for august pushing it back a little more. it was supposed to reopen even in april before being pushed back to august. the monument has been closed since 2016 as crews w on new security around t building and a womle new building wite improvements inside next to theument. and some improvements to its elevator system. allof right. one he biggest games in the world isg bringin thousands of pokèmon fa to d.c. this weekend. this year's pokèmon world championships is happening at the washington convention center. players from 45 countries are competing for half a million dollars in pzeoney. >> it's the ultimate pokèmon experience. once they come out here they can say that they're the best pokèmon players in the world. three age divisions.when you'red
7:44 am
you're the world champion it's really something. >> got to catch them all. there are plenty of pokèmon themed events for spectats to check o this weekend. looks like a big event. speaking odf big events we ha a big event yesterday. >> ♪ >> yes. are getting our groove on. >> ♪ >> i have t sayrd yesteay's zip trip in hagerstown maryland was really fun. it was probably the best zip trip we've had when it comes to dance-offs. this group was incredible. fresh academics is their name. they are so awesome. and of course if yo check out our twitter, gary, i actually caught a little b of wisdom dancing as well. he danced off camera. it w amazing. >> yeah. people don't realize but wisd is a big dancer off [laur] >> dances all the time. >> always off camera. like you, off camera. >> yeah, okay. r [laughter] >>ight, listen, we got fog out there this
7:45 am
mornsoing. we got a heat wave on the way. summer is just not going to go away. more summer toome. where is this eliza? this a great shot. leonarown, there you go, hey leonardtown. it says gaithersburg. ignore that. it's leonardtown. we'll be back in a minute with the full forecast. st with us. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> hey, hey, there you go. looking from -- well, this i
7:48 am
looking right offshore there at ocean city. that clouds. there's a little bit of kind of a marine layer, if you will, the winds are a little bit east-southeast. you guys in oceats cit not completely sunny today but it's stilloing to be pretty nice. it's definitely pretty high u.v. index out there. i tnk they're aroun a seven, okay. half a mil f visibility gaithersburg. lles has come up jus a little bit to half a mile. manassas still stuck in the soup. no visibility there. zero visibility. i know some o you have been tweeting this morning. thanks for that that it's really, really badom ine spots especially around the river, tooib. frederick.y for 4-mile visibility for martinsburg. too ibly bad but 3-milet's not visibity up in hagerstow i suspect in spots around hagerstown it gets even lower than that. couple more hours the fog will lift, okay, where it is foggy it will lift and it will become some clouds. other places it will burn off just atl litbit. 77 in town rht now, 81 forig
7:49 am
annapolis. look where we're going for hiods t. lots ofow 80's aer 90's and it will feel proba to 3 degrees warmer with the feels-like temperature. here's the trend. i hate to show it to you but it to because it's my job. 92 today. 94 tomorrow. i think the heat wave starts tomorrow. 94. then we're up monday and tuesday about asot as -- we have not been a hundred degrees officially in d.c. so far this season. i hope -- i think you got to go back to 2016 was the last time we were up to degrees if memor hserves and then youe a couple of really, really h days especially on monday and tuesday. iton't be a hundred but it will definitely feel lik a hundred, okay with the humidity and then 94 degrees could see where wednesday could be 95 thi96 buts is all heat wave stuff. any time you're middle 90's around here and it feels likun a hdred or so, i think that's heat wave category. couple of showers and s thunderstorm to the north of us. a fe clouds around this morning and as we look at
7:50 am
futurecast, you'll notice kind of a mixture of sun and clouds, a few showers or thunderstorms possi i don't suspect anything severe. however something could become severe. anit always become severe seems like around here and then tomorrow we'll do it all w over againh some sun and clds, sho, thunderstorms again in the afternoon. of aaying just a chance few thunderstorms each afternoon, some, showers too. 92 feels like about 94 today. forecaayour you know it. another heat wave isst coming with temperature mid to upper 90s's. we'll cool off a little bit hopefully by friday. it w only be in the lower toil mid 80's and lower humidity. so, there could be some more t heat down road, too. this may n be the last heat wave. may not be the last heat wav of summer. >> if it meanse that we keep warmer temperatures ltger and don' usher in winter yet, a sacrifice. en>> g you know what willappen. it will be like -- we'll -- it will p beretty nice september, october and then all of a sudden boom, it will be summertime in decemt
7:51 am
will getbe just cold. >> we don't get a lot of fall anks gary. >> hlong gone. thate run by bdy yates helped setfo the pace r the its firsttle league worldm in series game yes crday. ongratulations to the team. lo t at the crowdhey're just going wild they're so excited. pitchers combined for a no-hitter. this i the first time a virginia tm has been to the world series imore tha two decades. fa and friends wating here say the summer has been pretty special. >> i've been a part of this since the very beginning and it just been an amazing outpouri ofell wishes and support from the community, from the district, from the state, even fromedcross the unit states. a, overwhelming but in really, really good way. >> and the team's next game willnge tomorrow m at 11:00 against minnesota. well, who has te to eat healthy and prepare meals every single p day? arents, if
7:52 am
you've got kids backs in school you know that it's next to impossible. so let's join a nutritionist to find out how t get creative with your kids' meals. >> ♪ ♪ is it tough compe? maybe for the men. lash blast from covergirle mega volum an instant vo lashes with up to 10x me lashblast mascara from covergirl.
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plus - save even more on your back-to-school purchase! ohplus - everyone getsl's cash!e plus - freamazon returns now at all kohl's stores! this weekend. at kohl's. >> welcome back. now that school is back in full swing for virginia andre almost for maryland, it's definitely a great time to revisit some ias for school lunches i'm sure when it comes to parents it's lik hard to kind oef have your idea about what you're gng too every single day over and over
7:55 am
again. giant nutritionistan griffith is here to help us.i ds giant,s giant a in the food. >> yes, giant food. >> back tim school t and re they're packing healthyu lunches for their kids. >> right. >> but sometimes they need a littlef bit help with tips on what tox. put in the lunch today i have three tips for how to build a healthy nutritious lunch box kids will lovewe fi'll start with our frts and vegetables making sure half of i the lunch boxs fruits and vegetables. our kids are learning about my plate in school and the first lesson with my plate is half your plategehould be fruits antables. let's make sure half of the lunch box is fruits and vegetables. >> was half of your lunch box fruits and vegetables growing up. >> ethey gave me doubl so it did nothing for my. waistline that would have been better than the mashed potatoes.
7:56 am
>> i have the vegetable and. fruit ke help you put it together so th're excited to eat the next day. do different colors for all the different nutrients. >> turning it into something is like -- now i want to play with m food and i know kids want to play with theirood. this is fun for them. >> are the peanut butter, banaer. >> peanut butt banana rollups. this is a bmeakfast the you're getting y w grain wrapho bananas, fruit kebob and still buildg that whole my plate. next we want to make sewe're go. >> half vegetables and then of course we've got the whole grains in theua. >> yeah, so qer of our plate is whole grain. make sure we're a quarter of our lunch box is whole grains. easy way to dohat is whenever we're doingr sandwiches o wraps making sure you're choosing whole grain oions. looking for apted percent h ckage or the fire st tgredient e package should say whole. that's how we know we're
7:57 am
getting whole grains. >> got you. >> whole grains have lots of fiber keeps our kids full in betsoween meals. >> that is diffent than multigrain. >> a lot ople see eo yes. multigrain and they say that's go. >> just because the bread is brown doesn't mn it's whole wheat. you have to look for the whole wheat stamp. >> a lot of parents are loving this but it's difficult to get your kids t eat healthy and do you guys have any tips tricks? i mean, you know, it seems like you've done a good job -- >> make it fun. then your kids get involved in kitchen with you when they get their hands on it they're excited to eat it, show it off to their friendsoo l w made. make itha fun. involve them in the kitchen. re.then you have one more over >> yes. hydration. a lot of times it gets so foods that are going to go in the lunch box f weget about what our kids are going to be drinking throughout the day. initely. >> if we forget they'll go straight to t that juice and the american academycs of
7:58 am
pedi suggests that kids actually only get 6 of juice per day so we want to makeuns sure it counts. we want to make sure it's a hundred percent fru juice. we have t nature's promisea fruit juice it's ed perctuice and this is l hower in sugar. f >> all right, awesome. lstwe ao wan to make sure we'ing >> alwayres water, yes. >> alfs available at giant. k you so much jillian. thist. >> thank you for having me. is >> a ton of tips fornonparents e >> yeah, we want to eat these. >> fox5 morning continues after this. >> ♪
7:59 am
8:00 am
8:01 am
>> ♪ >> today on fox5 morning, manhunt unr way in prince george's county as policeo door door looking foraylues after they s a man tried to sexu assault a woman. where it happened and how victim got away. plus, alive and abdomen a newborabandoned.we have the lata as police look for theti infant's parents. [applause] >> no-hitter loudon south moving on in the little league world series. >> ♪ at 8:00 starts right now. >> good morning and welcome in on y saturday. top of 8 o'clock here to fox5 morning. i'mke cori coffin. let' a live look outside on your august 17th. it looks like there might be a
8:02 am
little bit of sunshineking through. so, gary, d ms thatn that our visibilities that you've been tracking for us this morning aretarting to get better. >> yeah, in some cases they' get a littl bit better. problem in townut in thea suburbs visibilities have been reduced. some reduced down to zero. look, here'seahel. we're 10-mile visibility in town. winds are a little east-s ktheast so weind of do have some clouds out there this morning and then some of you are kind of stuck in the so, gaithersburg is a quarter of a mile. that hasn't changed. frederik has come down to 2 miles.dulles has come up fromf mile to a mileo hopeful that go there.ghts will be good to if ouou're flying of dulles check on it there. cou still be some delays. manassas down to zero down to visibility.per now so, i suspect again over the next couple hours or sttthis is premuch where we're going to be. annapolis is a 6-mile visibility there. another heat wave is coming. it srts really tomorrow. today's going to be hot and
8:03 am
bhumid tomorrow i think we really push up into the middle 90's ands then it stickound in town now, 81 foror79 so. annapolis. out here in the suburbstemperate 70's. real quick look at your forecast for this weekend. in intwo today, 94 tomorrow. -- 92 today, 94 tomorrow. more on the next heat wave aming in j few minutes. >> otrnight in the distric two people were rescued folliding anent at rock creek crews arrived on scene around t 2:00 this mornio find a car on the side in the creek with two victims. one was on top the car. that person was removed with a harness. both victims werepo trted to the hospital. we are told that they have thnonlife-reatening injuries. developing this mrning ouontgomery county, police are looking for the parents of a newborn girl found abandon in the woo in silver spring yesterday. fox5's tisha lewis joins us live with the latest on this investigation. good morning, tisha.
8:04 am
t>> reporter: good moro you, cori. abandoned but alive. we're talking about aby newborn girl just a few hours old found just aut tee 10 feet from ndwhere we're stag on the tenbrookock of drive. now, between the sidewalk and the tennis court that you may beoble see is a wooded area. a man was aarently passing by, he this baby girl crying, walked over and discovered a naked baby. hemmhenediately obviously called police. the baby was rushed to the hospital which is just about a block away, holy cross hospital, within walking distance, and we're told tha it appears the baby will survive. here's picture of the baby girl that was discovered friday night. again, police will spend this weekend trying to locate or find that little girl's parents. we do know that police have interviewed at least a coupleofr spring neighborhood hoping that somebody saw something, heard something aay will something as part of this investigation. now, this is a good chance to remind everyone o maryland's safe haven law. here it is on your screen.
8:05 am
essentiall b if ay is 10 days or younger, a parent or guardian c drop that baby typically a policeed location ation or a fire station or a hospitalut w consequences as long as the baby is unharmed and in good health. nagain, the r why police are probably involved in this situation is because the baby was not dropped off at a designated location but again thankfully the baby is expected to survive and police are hoping to connect with her parents. >> all right, hopefully athey'll see thisnd realize that they're not inli trouble. po just need to talk to themel alsooping this morning, police areng looki for the man who attacked woman in a busy park in prince george's county. terrifng moments for her. police tell us that the woman s attacke wednesday night. she told police that she was walking down walters lane when the suspect grabbed her. he dragged her into a wooded area and tried to sexual assault her. now, she fought back even though t man was hitting her several tages. she man to getaway. she flagged down an officer. well, polic also say her
8:06 am
ttacker got away at point but they have been canvassing the area. >> this does congrn me consid that i have two early 20's and granddaughters, so, yes, that does concern me. >> i mean i sit out here all times of night, we be outes here all of day and this is very g shock tome to hear that someoneot assaulted, sexually assaulted in the neigorhood. >> now police are offering a $25,000 reward for any information that helps them catch this suspect. now to a fox5 exclusive. d.c. police are lookingor this suspect, a man they say terrorized a nun inside her northwest home thiseek. investigators say the man broke c into herolumbia heights he on tuesday "mishandle her" and ransacked the place. at one point he pointed a gun at her head and asked if she wanted to die. the suspecty eventuallook to free herself and call 911.
8:07 am
this morning on what caused a computer glitch affecting customs opetions at international airports across e country including dulles and bwi. things areack to normal now but take a look at your screen here with this, picture just absolute chaos yesterday. dworkers not process passengers aediving into the unit states. created long m lines,ajor backups. the outage lasted for a couple hours. a spokesperson for customs and border protection says they're investigating exactly what happened. ght now they don't believe anything malicious or nefarious though. two people recovering this icmorning after a veh hit them in downtown bethesda. this happened yesterday on wisconsin avenue. is is between cheltenham avenue and east-west highway. skyfox flew overayhe scene there yes shortly after the crash. we are told one of the hurt.trians was critically the driver stayed at the scene. police are investigating but there's no word on if any charges will be filed. let's go ove go over to stad
8:08 am
county. a security breach sent shock waves through the community after a 26-year-old man was a able to board a school busor trting local high school students and get into the high school. police are saying that that man is a mental health subject but it certainly was alarming for not only students but administrators alike. this all happened o thursday. here's fox5's anne cutler with those details. >> reporter:hat man was barefoot hadn't no backpack thursday when -- and had no backpack thursday when he hopped on the school bus inth fredericksburg. dunston family among those in disbelief. >> it's pretty terrifying. >> i'd be scared and i'd -- i'd porbably freak out. >>ter: that man riding the bus alongside actual students for 6 miles to the stafford high school campus. strolling into the cafeteria where he was finally caught after officis say he stole
8:09 am
food. >> the bus driver knows s them allo it's rtlly strange to me this 26-year-old i believe got on a bus and rode it all the way to school. kind of crazy. >> reporter: a letter to he dids friday saying not have a weapon and made no threatening comments or actions." but stafford county publicle school district cal for a thorough review sayg it is obvious something has to change in our procedures and be implemented immediately. reporting.s anne cutler police not releasing the man's name or photo since he's not chged with anything. however he was taken into a mental health facility for treaent. new details this morning about embattled former metro board cirman jack evans a "washington post" report says that evans threatened the job of a law ar and board quiet abohe panel's ethicsem coittee determining evanscommit. documents obtained by the "washington post" show that metro became worried that patricia lee and jennifer
8:10 am
green ellison would sue because evans cemstantly "chewed th out about their involvement in the ethics evans is under investigation for using hiso positions t further his other business opportunities. evans remains on the d.c. council at this point but he has been stripple of his as chairman of the finance committee. he has also been fined $20,000. jeffrey epstein's death bhas officieen ruled a suicide. fox news' bryan llenas has more on the autopsy reeyrt. >> reporter: j epstein's death has been ruled a suicide by hanging. that finding coming directly from the chief medicalexaminer'k citygl seemin putting to rest any theories the financier was murdered. skeptics had questioned the broken bones in his neck comparing to ma strangulation. >> based upon whatt we've read aboue damage to the -- to the neck, the hyoid bone, it's allsi conent with suicide.
8:11 am
it's less consistent with homicide. was found unresponsive in his jail cell saturday morning at the metropotan correctional center reportedly he had tied a bed sheet around his neck and attached iheto a bed bunk cutting off his breathing. much of theocus has been on the two guards tasked with watching his unit. they were supposed to be doing checks every 30 minutes but they reportedly fell asleep leaving epstein unattended for several hours. the pair is also accused falsifying log entries to show they werese conducting t half hour inspections. both have been placed on administrative leave and could face federal charges for altering the rord books. a former prison guard notes epstein still would have had plenty of time timo killself even if t guards had conducted those checks. >> suicides can happen in a matter of minutes. the as soming is he would still be alive i'm saying proper 30 minute checks could not have prevented that death. >> rep epstein's death is under investigation on multiple fronts incding one by the
8:12 am
justice department who has sent two officials to the prison to speak with t mccc stf. in new york, bryan llenas fox >> one of the mostst destructive foreests to ever invade north americnand it's turning virginia. we'll let youut know all abo n do to your trees.nd what ca plus gary's got another look at today's weather when we return. check out that visibility monument. at the washington it's quite soupy. time is 8:12. we're back after this. >> ♪ it's time for the biggest sale of the year on the
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>> ♪ >> back at 8:15 this morning. i have to admit i haveeen actually very surprisedw by the visibility today. >> i know. and younow, it's rare that it happenseo -- you got zero in a couple of places. >> right. >> and the absolutely no restrictions in others. >> when we looked at leonardtown it was pretty clear o looked like it could be pretty clear. >> that's right. here it's gat. gaithersburg is soupy. the beach is wonderful this morning. >> wow. >> few clouds ou there but for the most part it's really's good. it going to be a great beach week those of you that are sneaking a couple ofeeks in or last couple of weeks of august it really looks like it's going to be great out there. usually august and september 10-milehi visibilits isfor what cori was talkingbout. 10-mile visibility here but then you getnd to manassas then it's nothing, no visibility. i mean, there's something but
8:16 am
it's technicero visibility the same for dulles is coming up a little bit which is good for the flights. they were down to a quarter of a mile which is pretty 7-mile visibility for boston. now frederick has come down. they were at five and six and now they're down to two. winchester is up to 10 much everybody is all over the place. annapolis at six. leonardtnon is 10 obviously detroit is 70.e. chicago 69 llewes this morning 77 drees. beckley west virginia is 66. up and down 95 it is in the 70's from raleigh up to new york city. high pressure is in place. this is the bermuda high.we will get humid and hot a high pressure is building aloft too. b we start touild the heat in the next several days. we're talking about another heat wave. i think it will be seventh heat wave of the the nth, that's not a big deal, right? oh, that sounds depressing but that would be how the national weather
8:17 am
service measures their own definition of ar eat wave. believe not there's not a technical definition of a heat wave becofse it's kind relative to where you are. a heat wave in alaska would not be a heat wave for us. so you see how tt wor 90 for us this weekend and it will build into the mid 90's to the upper 90's with e heat index value u over a hundred. usthat's kind of fo heat wave. three days like that you're going get a heat wave are around here. 92 for the high, a few thunderstos in the afternoon. a few thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon as well would not surprise me and we're even hotter 94 and then we'lldl build into thee to upper 90's as we get into mday, tuesday well.erhaps into wednesday as l dry this morning even though we have the foghe and clouds. big cluster of thunderstorms out here moving into the midwest.that will stay there. because high pressure aloft ll keep us relatively dry the next several days. big heat wave too down io texas. place for mos of central and
8:18 am
eastern texas, super hot down there. thunderstorms for the most part stay offshore but we'll have this easterlyow and southeasterl. there could be a could you believe showers and thunderstorms late today, late tomorrow. some clouds, hot. winds generate out of the southeast at about five to 10 miles per hour and here's lat it lookse. look, take it or leave it.thereo about it. 92 today. 94 tomorrow. and then the seventh heat wave the season settles in. we haven't made it to a hundred yet. it was -- if memory served me 2016, it was we had our last 100-degree reading in d.c. >> do you anticipate us having any more hundreds this summer or do yoe.think we're don >> no, i think there's one more that ian see that's potentially another -- it would be theighth heat wave. >> okay. >> hard to get to a hundred here, it's really hard.h >> not to do the heat
8:19 am
waves though. >> not hard to feel like a hundred. hard to get to a hundred. >> how about ahis onelarming new data about a growing dead zone in the chesapeake bay. dead zone spans 2 cubic miles making it one of the worst in decades caused by algae that's stealing oxygen from the water. that's from much of the bay as wellf as par the lower potomac and patuxent rivers. scientists fear it would harm the crabs oysters and the state's seafood industry. >> efforts are under way in virginia and in dozens of states in fact as forestry workers try to control the spread of an invasive inspect blamed for daming million of trees. the emerald ash bore is a beetle thatriginated in chin it first appeared in mhigan in the0's. it's wiped out entire fores of a trees. the beetle has damagedr destroyed couless ash trees
8:20 am
in our region too as well across the commonwealth. all rit, as kids get ready to semester and sending them back we're going to send to school in style. so we're going to check out what is on trend hi this coming fall. loudon south is moving on in the little league world seules. a huge conations to the team. we will have mhee on t exciting action from the game. >> ♪ >>heth is. there's our panda cam this morning. share with us usi #fox5morning on social media.r how is youeekend going so far? gig-spternethis
8:21 am
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>> ♪ >> 8:23. whether you like it or not back to schoo here. >> no, i don't like i it. >>s too soon. none of us like this. we thought we would talk back to school fashion. lana ray in to show us what is hot since we have too back to schikl. >> parents l it because they get a break from the kids. >> we don't have kids yet. we're like no we don't like it reminds us o all the daysf responsibi >> and with fall coming no give meli the heat. >> getting tk you t ride behindo the h buses and it slows . yo and everybody is back from their summer vacations which means traffic is back. >> we're coming back to the positives, the >> let the fas'shions. >> yes, so as you know the kids are home all day and then you reali they grew all summer so it's like time for new stuff, right. >> always. >> back tl shopping for
8:24 am
fashion ando accessories was one of my favorites. >> that's like the first week is like your m important outfits and then after that >> right. >> but you got to sho up. >> especially the first day. >> so onoint. ctly. >> it all goes that- >> you've got some hot ones. >> i've got some hot ones. all t outfits are from macy's on g street in d.c. >> cute. >> this is like a super street style look. >> i love this and it's ageap propriate. my niece isld 13. >> she totally wear this some shets wano expose her entire body. appropriate. like you g a little tummy. it very -- i like this. it's age appropriate. >> you're covered up. >> theanweater and p are dickie's plaid is anherthing yo. there's a lot of plaid in the backpack is nike. leopards another big trend.
8:25 am
very funky. she is combat boots that are also funky. >> also very fall. >> exactly. >> all right. so, for the little girls we've got -- well, kind of little this is clarissa. come out. you guys can switch.>> clarissa. >> all right. thmetallic. that's the first thing i htice when i see >> i've seen a lot of metallic jackets and a lot of paccessories andces. that's a trend dey thing. that's tommy hilfiger. oral is another big trend andri lots of ps and colored pants. school.ook so cuteto for back >> are you already getting ideas. >> y s. >> i don't havoul to dress but this is adorable. >> her backpack too is other big trend. >> this is a great outfit. you look good on the first day. >> she's ready. >> yeah, you're ready. >> a lotf patterns and textures. so fun to play wh all of this. >> very fun to mix and match. i want to say thank you to kate who helped stylehis. >> kate di a great job.
8:26 am
super i cute. >> malik, s for the guys. this is mali coming up. this is like a little college, laid back. >> hey, malik>> looking cute. l >> i think layerinike the key to have the best transitional outfit when it'se cold in th morning and then it warms up. you can layer your pieces. >> right you really neehat. >> he has the hoodie underneath that's michael kors. very cool and casual. >> little bit of a bling, just a touch. >> a little bit. >> watch looks great. cute, i'd date you. right. >> and the cool boots. >> look at that detail. >> oka >> those are polo ralph lauren and it's giving him street style masian street style e. >> yes. >> all rightoo >> love the. and then we've got one more indel. >> oal model >> my gosh. >> hey, girl. >> oh, sydney you a so ready. >> she's ready. cute. >> wow. >> this is a little preppy girly type of look.
8:27 am
this is a very simple look but you have the sweater around the waste givi a little bit of style. >> look at that little unicorn backpack. >> oh, my goodness. >> youd guys both nee kids -- >> we're suffering from baby over here. >> my goodness. >> it's notfe good. >> every girl like they love ping, they love gtter sequins. >> lana ray styling our back >> school looks. his is awesome. >> this is great.oo >> you guyk fabulous. >> yes.appropriate. >> you did a great these look so good. we're a little excited for ck to school. here we go. don't gouc anywhere. soh more to come. >> ♪
8:28 am
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announcer: we think it can be something bigger. so we have the essays from the last three parts. announcer: this summer, ica's teachers.supporting am announcer: visit your vw dealer to learn how you can join in. announcer: now during the volkswagen dri bigger event, get a $1,000 purchase bonus on 2019 jettatiguan, and select atlas models. >> ♪ 8:30.k at taking a live look at the national wheel. it looks like it's not moving ju but i'm surest anybody who is headed down to the to enjoy.harbor area is gng i almost said national mal >> i didn't mean overstep. >> you had my back. >> it happens when you talk for ati living. somes you can't get the words out.ou >> can't leavr mind. >> we've been watching all
8:31 am
morning kind of this visibility. foggy in places. it's still super foggy out super soupy. l start lifting, all right, but right now culpeper, manassas you guys appear to be getting the worst of it. you can't see down there. know visibility. no, that's not true but look, it's reduc way low down there. if you're down in manassas or culpeper and you're on twier tweet me. i would like to see what zero visibility looks like out there. this is where it gets measured. maybe in your beighborhood you coe right in manassas or just a little bit outside of manassas and you could be pretty good, all right. 10-mile visibility here. gaithersburg still at a quarter of a mile. we've seen some pictures there really reduced. again, this -- over the next couple hours or so, it's to have to lift, fog will lift and become clouds or it will just kind of burn off completely. but we're definitely sun and clouds o there during most part of the day. we're 79. dulles 7 is3.
8:32 am
west springfield is -- i'm sorry, fairfax is 73 degrees. i got t get this prescription changed. i can't see. west springfield 75 and dale city 73 degrees. leonardtown you're 74. the bigger picture shows you if you go to baltimore it's 80 anddennapolis 81 ees. headlines. look at your another heat wave is coming. i'll prove it to you coming up in just a few minutes. >> 8:32. we are following some breaking newshe overnight i district. two people were rescued following an accident a rock creek parkway. crews arrived on the scene around 2:00 this morning to find a car on its side in the creek with two victims. one of them was on top of the car. we're told that that personre was ved with a harness. otnow,h victims have been taken to the hospital. theyo haveat nonlife-ening injuries which is a bit of good news there. developing this morning ct of montgomeryounty, police are looking for the parents of a newborn girl found abandonein the woods in silver spring yesterday. fox5's tisha lewis joining us livehi withs one with the very latest on this investigation. so, what do we know so far,
8:33 am
tisha? >> reporter: well, the search continues this morninee and into the wnd for the parents of this newborn baby girl that was found just 10 steps away from where we a standing between the sidewal and the tennis court inpr this silving neighborhood all of this hang on th block of tenbrook drive. apparently a man was walking literally where we're standing, heard the baby cryihe,d over and discovered a naked baby. now, all of this ibos justut a block within wking distance from holy cross hospital soehankfully they were to get the baby there and checked out and it looks like all is a well. he picture of the little girl taken by some witnesses witnesses that police weren't able to speak with but they want to see if anyone in the area may have heard something more or seen somethingore. that information vital i helping police conduct their investigation and hopefully helping them loce the parents of this little girl. police saying that she is
8:34 am
possibly a latina little girl and they are looking forhe parents. now, this is an important reminder for all of maryland's safe haven l if the baby is 10 days orar younger,ent or guardian can drop the baby off at a designated location tip s pick a policetion, a hospital, a fire station without consequences as long as the baby is unharmed and in good health. t now,he situation here, this is not a designated location. this is a wooded area where this baby could haven in danger so that's likely whyt the police to have a conversation at least with the parents to find out what exactly happened back to you. >> also developing in prince george's cnty, a homicide investigation is under waytw afo men are found shot toeath. police went to a home on they found the bodies.ton. investigors say they don't think the killings are random. they c there's no threat at thes point to t community. but a security threat near the embassy of israel was
8:35 am
dressed quickly yesterday. the secret service says wearing what appeared to be a bulletproof vest and carrying a knife was arrested. explosives team checked out the man car prompting road closuresn around vaness street for several hours. the man w charged with carrying a dangerous weapon. the secret service is still investigating. >> ♪ 8:35nl this morning and not fo is not forr sale. comments come after the "wall street journal" reported that the president had some interest in buying greenland. ray bogan has more. >> reporter: 80 percent of greenland is covered by ice and fewer than 60,000 people live there. but president trump may just piece of real estate and is possibly open to making a deal. e world largest island says it's not for sale. greenland makingta the sment after reports that prident trump has be talking to aides and allies about the possibility of buying the
8:36 am
danish territory. greenland's foreign minister saying in are statement sha on social media genland is rich in valuable resources such as minerals the purest water and ice fish stocks seafd renewable energy and is a new frontier for adventure tourism. we're open for business, not r sale. >> he can buy anything i gss this is what he thinks he can. >> reporter: more than 2,000 mif greenland expressing disbelief. >> it fls as if he's very patronizing. it doesn't feel like he understands like the reality. >> reporter: the u.s. with the u.s. air forrn'sre nomost base. greenland widely believed to be usually rich in natural resources including uranium oil as well as diamond gold and zinc. the national archive shows the off 100 million in approximately 1.3 billn
8:37 am
today. taking into account inflation. >> these are the absurdities of who is in office right nowde >> reporter: pnt trump is due to visit copenhagen next month where he'sec expd to meet with the prime greenland. denmark and in washington, ray bogan fox news. >> coming up, rememberias peter fonda who pd away yesterday. we'll have more on hisegacy and what happened. and loudon south is moving on in the little league world series. we'll have all the excitement from yesterday's game coming up next. >> ♪ >> ♪ ♪ from the 5am wakers,
8:38 am
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>> ♪ aughter] we're just talking about the heat ofmer and how exhausting it is. >> yes. >> speaking of -- i'm going to transition into this very eloquently. how was the weather up at yourdd ing? she just got married. everybody congratulate her. it was up in mae, august 10th. >> it was truly unreal. >> magical. magical. in the morningch it rained i do not believe people when pedle say it's goo luck on your wedding day. nk you don't that. >> i think they're making lemonade out of lemons but it rained during r ceremony and then i mean amazingly, the skies cleared a. it was incredible it was 80 degrees. it was a beautiful beautifulnig. i got married in bristol, maine. >> my gosh.
8:41 am
>>d it was just -- i'm fm maine. >> you looked stunning. you -- your haireu and mak siey gave you eons and you had this gorgeous flowing gown. best of the is the i had to bring her up and yeah, it was unreal. >> everything magical. how is dan >>. i think my husband really loves being married. we're really enjoying it. he' more of a -- i think it was real important to him. >> okay. it was long time coming. >> we could hontly do a fox5 wedding take over. i could tell you all the tips. however we're getting the move on. >> we have to get into what's there's a lot of -- >> this is some crazy yeah, i wt your thoughts on this cori. firsup it t out that maybe chris lee doesn't know best. reality stars tod julie chrislyd pleaded not got aed2 couneral indictment of tax evasion conspiracy bank and wire fraud. tmz is reporng their daughter lindsey has "disoed
8:42 am
her parents" accusing them of threatening to leak a sex tape of her if s doesn't lie for them. this story is really bizarre. todd took to social media to post a wengthy messagehich attention seekers and calledpt the ents "a distraction." >> wow. >> do you watch chrisly kws best. >> no, i hn't known about the shore. todd chrisly i character. wemselieve -- >> see like it. >> todd plays his mother. >> is this like a situation where he's playing all of theus characterse they look very similar. >> there's lots going on there. but these are very, vy serious allegations against them. they say, you know, it's broughtn by a disgruntled former eloyee. sad to see this drama. sad to see your paratts threing to release someth>>g like that. especially because they ep quoting god and god will ght us t this. behind the scenes it seems
8:43 am
like it's fake if any of this is true. >> exactly. sad news to bring you this moing. veteran actor peter fonda pa away at the age of 79. according to h family he died of lung cancer. the golden globe winwnr was best kno for his iconicole in the 1969 classic "easy rider." his sister jane fonda said i'm very sad. i've had beautiful alone time with him these last few days. he wenau out ling. legendary filmly obvious hollywood family so. >> absolutely. l very sad. >> hertle brother. i mean, wow. >> i know she's incredible. so. >> that's tough. >> yeah. >> okay. so yeah, tough one when it cos to these trending stories this morning. >> yeah, i mean hollywood legend and the chrisley knows best -- >> there's more to the story. >> gary you've got lots going on when it comes to tracking ke that but you don't followrig
8:44 am
chey knows best. >> gary, do youch. >> ignorance of the slaw no lawo excuse but in their case exc's a good i'm sure their ignorance about everything -- have you watched it. we have yet another heat wave. heat wave number seven. not a problem at the shore, though. wack. they're ing their spot. hold on. this is the hardest thing about going to thch is picking your spot. don't worry about it. it's going to be a hundred people next to you no matter where you end up.we'll have thet and more coming up. >>♪ >> ♪
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
>> ♪ >> there's a look at the boardwalk this morning. some sun and clouds out at the beaches but still not bad there and it's going to be really nice this week. b we're going t super hot here. it's going to be hot there but it's not going to be as hot as we will be here. beach water temperatures around 70 degrees. 79 in town now. temperatures coming up into the midl 70's. some fog out there in spots. ll show in you a second. a few storms today,2. a few storms tomorrow, 94. this 94 probably feels like 97 or 98 at its peak. 92 today, probably feels more like about 94 to 95 at its peak hot, humid this weekend. this bermuda high is building in. that's going to bring inhe
8:48 am
humidity. humidity will creep up a little bit each day. i don't think we'res talking a we get into this heatreave i don't think talking about oppressive5 like 10 to 110 to maybe even 112 or 13 heat index. i don't think we see that. if we do, it's j be for one day. but we're going to have a lot of heaindex values right around 100, maybe 100 to 103 nday, tuesday and possibly even intoednesday as well. but this weekend we're 90' with a cnce of's t. 92 today. really starts kicking in tomorrow, 94. monday 97. tuesday 96. wednesday we cool off just a little bit but sunday, monday, tuesday the -- sunday, monday, be a heat waveor us, okay.ould it will bhe seventh so far this season. haven't reached a hundred degrees yet. we haven't had a hundred degreeay in d.c. since 2016,aug. we'll watch a coudee showers and thuntorms possibly form around. you can seen maybethis
8:49 am
morning there may be a couple of showers or thunderstorms and then through the day today, a scattered shower or a thunderstorm would not surprise e me. i don't txpect that we'll see severe weather today. but you end up getti one or two thunderstorms gets pretty strong, maybe there would be a littlef bit o a severe threat but it's very, very small and that's going theo go for t next couple of days. ddle part of next week,a e we'll have little bit better chance of someidoreespread thunderstorm activity that could be strong or severe.ew tomorrow more thunderstorms in the afternoon as well. here's what we're planning today. 86 11 o'clock, 90 degrees at 2 o'clock, 92 or so for a thigh temperature and ink even atwo, three, four, five, 7 o'clock we could have some showers and some thunderstorms. maybe ev a couple of showers around before then but it won't be a big deal, okay. most of us will stay 92 today. 94 tomorrow. then we go up, up and away. 97 on monday. 96 on d tuesday. on't suspect that we're going to go a hundred. it will feel like a hundred,
8:50 am
thers no doubthat. >> yeah. i don't expect we're going a to tou 100 not with this one. i see another hot trend after this one,. too >> uh-huh. >> so, we'll see if it's going to be yet another -- this would be heat wave numr seven.will we get number eight?, i'll let you know. >> you said up, up and away. speaking of up, up and away, this beautiful home run bys, brady yate it helped the pace -- set the sace for the loudonouth baseball team in their first littleeague world series game pitchers comd for a no-hitter and the team beat rhode islandshree to zip. this ihe first time a virginia team has bn in the little league world series tournament in morehan two decades. big cgrats to them. friends and fans watching the games here yesterday they say the summer has been very special. take a listen. >> i'vfbeen a part this since the very beginning and jit'st been an amazing outpouringsh oes and
8:51 am
support from the community, from the district,strom the e even from across the united states. so, overwhelming but in a really, really good >> nitely is. the team's next game will bni tomorrowng at 11:00 a.m. against minnesota. coming up ware back in the kitchen next with brazilian steakhouse fo de a o. who's dog is this?
8:52 am
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>> you know when you're walking in desert and you have no water or food.te
8:54 am
[lr] >> and then you come upon a >> is this as mirage. >>is paradise right here but it's rl. >> wow. tokay, our guest very special and today i'm goi to let you pronounce it because we had like five different ways to pronounce it. wantake sure we get it t right. say it for us. >> the name of our restaurant is fogo de chao. >> now w know. and of course we havee our head chef here moises lopez and christa wilhelm. you're the general manag. >> i am not. io customer service. >> all right, christa. >> we're upgrading you >> you guys serve lots of meat. >> that's all that matters. >>let's go. >> let's dive in. you have a new location ening. >> okay. >> it is open in north bethesda. the new hottest destination folunch, dinner and brunch an ohappy hour.
8:55 am
come check out the new location. >> we can hear it on the grille right now. what are you guys cooking up moises. >> yes, so we are an authenticn brazsteak house and at fogo we like to let the meatalk. we pick high quality meat, a few cuts we serve, nice lamb chops fillet mignon. >> here at the grille i do have lamb chops cooking and our house special top sirloin. we don't do too much. alwe do to season it is just use sea salt put on top of >> that's it. >> yes and cook in open flame four, 500 degrees. >> is itog fhen you show up there, don-- w't eat for like >> yes.s before you get there. >> and then when you leave
8:56 am
you're not goi to be ableo that.r a week after >> that's not true. >> no. >> you might be back that night. >> once you go in you justat and eat and eat. >> like next day they are there aga here we are. >> after that it's habitual. >> it's addicting. >> it is an exper cnce with the differuts but it's not just meat. >> absolutely. so we have our market table wh ah we have ton of options thate brought with m us. i get asked do we have options fo vegetarians mes vegetarians. we have seafood, mango chilean sea bass. >> do you cook them the same on the grille as far as the fish options. >> fish is cooked i our cooked. and the mea is
8:57 am
>>'s a place just to grille the meat. >> i've never bee never seen >>the experience. basically you goat try like as many different meat cuts as you want right. >> that's right. >> as many y as timeou want. >> okay. >> show it to them. >> whenever you're readyt or the meat flip iover to the green side. >> oh. >> i tried itnd at home it didn't work. uraughter] >> yoife was like okay -- >> yes, so. >> very cool. sout you just p these on your table, that's how you -- yes,hat's right. >> you pace your experience. >> this is fantastic. one more time how people can find you in the north bethesda okay. >> www.fogo dehe chao/locations/beta. we have two other locations, one in tysons corner virginian downtown d.c. off pennsylvania avenue. >> follow your nose. you'll find it. >>can't wait. out.hank you guys for coming
8:58 am
thank you. >> come and see us. at visionworks, we guarantee you'll see great
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and look great. "guarantee". we uh... we say tt too. you gotta use "these" cause we don't mean i buy any pair at regular price, get one free. really. visionworks. see the difference.
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